Agricultural Transport

Agricultural produce needs to get to the market in a timely manner due to their perishable nature. Our pickups are maintained to high standards and are always in tip-top condition always to ensure agricultural transport needs are met without any disruptions or delays. Our drivers are experienced in transporting all sorts of produce including delicate goods like eggs. The pickups can be customized to suit any type of Produce.

Furniture Transport

Furniture is an essential asset in a home or commercial setting hence it must be handled with care. Transporting your prized furniture with Nairobi Pickup Truck Rentals ensures that your furniture arrives in the same condition it left the pickup point. We provide dust covers against dust or rain for all furniture moved unlike what you get in the market.

Hardware Transport

We carry assorted building Materials, Piping and Delicate Glass Transport within Nairobi and its environs. Our pickups are suited to tackle hard to reach sites ensuring peace of mind for your hardware material needs at very competitive transporting rates.

Small House Moves

Moving can be a very big fuss for many startup organizations or individuals who would like to move house and have a limited budget. This service is a phone call away, without having to leave the house to negotiate for transport services. With us, you are assured of reliability and consistency.